Piaget's statement may attempt to describe an experience that he believed was  'mysterious and beyond scientific validation' and perhaps it  was not possible to validate it in his time.

I know at this point in time (July 2006, 22 years after 1984, and that's when a new to me perception, ( the  'psychological sense' was permanently initiated) that it is possible to validate it scientifically, but at the pattern level. The very 'psychological sense' itself  as a pattern that literally 'makes all things new' is the basis for the wide variety of psychiatric ideas, and for that reason it is not easy to detect that one sense under lays the individual experiences of those who wrote down the ideas of psychiatry. Proving that a single pattern that operates in the individual life, any individual life, can be done at the pattern level, because it is already quite well known in psychiatric patients who experience 'being at the center of all things', or 'centrality' as John Weir Perry put it in his book, The Self In Psychotic Process.

 F. David Peat's book 'Synchronicity, The Bridge Between Mind and Matter was the first book I read that used the term 'synchronicity' but I had by then become aware that certain symptoms of apparent 'delusional association formation' in psychiatric texts was in fact the same 'thing'  that F. David Peat described as an 'interactive force. His term would be evidence that 'force' of some kind is involved, and this is experienced as a certain kind of 'different' experience, not ordinary experience, that is felt prior to being understood by an individual. A single event may be marked (to that individual) by a precise, perfectly timed alignment of one's speech, prior to articulation, with some content in the exterior world) . The sense of being controlled, manipulated is from experiences of my own and from other people I knew who felt 'manipulated' themselves is, I believe what Mr. Peat described as an 'interactive force'.  The sense of being 'manipulated, controlled, used' is part of the pattern.  (The individual must learn to understand events that occur physically as well as 'events' that occur in the mind do have a causal link with an agency that is purposefully present. Several incidents happened to me between 1980 and 1984 that I did not understand until fairly recently, nor did I realize that the 9 years prior to 1984 were of almost critical importance in preparing for what happened in 1984.)

It may generate an uncomfortable sense of disorientation because the mind seems to have nothing in the past that is similar. When a 'body' of experience accumulates, one begins to sense that one's particular memories and way of understanding is being used as a 'data bank' to create the idea itself, which in my life was unknown in the beginning although it had been brought to my attention in the 9 years prior to 1984! It was abstracted from two books in a quite visible process.

By 1989 I had begun to grasp how the 'interactive force' used what was in front of me at the moment to illustrate the attribute of perfect and precisely staged timing such that the event  could not possibly have  been accomplished by my own will for purposes of my own.

Too many individuals experience the pattern for it to  have no meaning or purpose other than to cause individuals to seek psychiatric help for their 'woundless' misery. It has been experienced in the remote past, and this is evidenced from the first records we have of the past by individuals who developed an awareness of an 'other', a 'not me'  presence that has been named God, and all that relates to the 'divine'. Isaac Newton wrote about Divine Providence but that portion of his writing has been obliterated until the Internet opened his writings to a wider body of readers.

 Nobody in the scientific world does make the attempt to verify and validate this pattern as a normal part of life, even the very purpose of life, which is to connect the individual with  the Larger Domain. That's the name I gave it myself when I  knew it was creating the new kind of events that had begun to happen, sprinkled into ordinary daily life. These events were a body experience, there was at times a sense of mental confusion and there was eventually a distinct change in what I saw, heard, as well as a very noticeable change in my thought. It was the change in my thought that aroused my curiosity because I wondered if I created it. Over a period of about 4 years, between 1984 and 1988 I noticed  what was going on in my mind, in my thought and I was reading quite a number of books that ordinarily would not have come to my attention. When I realized there was something at work in my life, directing my attention as well as what my body did, the name,   Larger Domain formed.  Later I became aware other's had named it different names, some have even recognized it as a 'voice', the 'voice of the Time', or the 'spirit of the age'. I became aware at a certain very distinct point that what  I was experiencing was 'god', one day when I chanced to read a vignette in P. D. Ouspensky's A New Model Of The Universe in which an individual described an encounter with God, a relentless god that 'rode' on the lives of masses.

Because its about individual experiences so a single person's life experience would have to be investigated in depth and great detail to piece together the entire 'central idea' and how it 'evolved' gradually. What I am writing now would have been impossible for me to write or even understand in 1984 thus a process of education, of instruction is inherent in  my 'central idea'.  The 'scientific' process  is opposed diametrically to the kind of personalized life experiences I've had since July 31 thru August 11, 1984. Science is a process that requires repeatability, it's not a fixed body of information. In fact since 1984 every 'fact', every 'known' bit if information has changed radically.  I am almost 74 years old, my birthday is 1232. Isaac Asimov and I share January 2 and that's appropriate because the 'central idea' that has evolved in my thought since 1984 is relevant to a book of his that I read when I was in my twenties: The End of Eternity. It's about a programmer that arranged the future  by making  small changes throughout Time, such that a desired result would happen. He could travel through time the way we travel physically to make the least change possible. Perhaps a book written in 1948, about 1984 (by Eric Blair/George Orwell) had a similar plot behind it's content which is basically about 'being under constant surveillance, doubleness', rewriting the past and creating a language that could not be misunderstood. In the present time, the book actually describes much that we experience in our current situation. That is one attribute of so called 'synchronicity' that I have become aware of as it's major attribute. Having read so much 'science fiction' when I was a young girl, I have been steadily astonished to see the 'fictions' that Isaac Asimov and other authors fantasized have become material. My 'central idea' revolves around a mental process that became visible, that used certain of  my  specific memories and quite often, what was physically in front of my eyes, to create a kind of conversation that conveyed, bit of information by bit of information, a new understanding of everything This happened gradually in a fragmented way that had to build up a body of content  that made sense and this happened over a long period of time. I've thought the process was complete several times only to enter into a different phase/level/stage much to my own surprise.  It was necessary to become aware of this 'central idea'  myself, to discover it my self and realize it was being shown to me, illustrated in every detail . The words to describe it seemed to know where on Earth I lived. The first phase was nearly overwhelming.,  a span of 5 years between 1984 and 1989. However there were two major 'mindquakes' involved, one in 1984 another in 1989 and yet another in 1989 that I named my 'pi quake' because it happened when I chanced to glance at the back of Petr Beckmann's book, History of pi. Huge masses of memories from my past were retrieved in each of these 'mindquakes' and displayed in a seamless batch, like seeing a dozen movies in a billionth of a second but some how every scene is visible.  By 1989 I had begun to grasp an almost unbelievable connection between seemingly randomly occurring 'thought' that I did not have the sense I generated myself, to books I read quite by chance and what was actually physically present in my life at a specific moment.  I had no idea the mind itself could generate 'events' of it's own until after the second one happened in 1989. During that span of Time,  I became aware of an almost unbelievable convergence, or 'coincidence' of certain specific thought content in my mind with words in the exterior world:  they matched exactly and specifically,  irregardless of their origin or former context. A new context for this content emerged from thought that 'occurred again' as a unit, but the replay had the effect of being spoken to me the way a person would speak to me!

Eventually I became aware that this specific 'regenerated' thought content was in a level of mind that was obviously not connected to speech because I could not speak any of that content aloud until that content met it's match in some form in the exterior world. This attribute had to be identifiedb which was not  possible until I had managed to capture a single word of that content  then hold it in mind long enough to write it down! The relentless motor that powered me to do a task that I didn't know about until it had been accomplished  drove me as though activities that often I knew I did not choose myself. This 'drive' worked in conjunction with a stream of 'nonstop thinking' that had begun after a brief but very realistic dream I had in 1981. This stream of 'nonstop thinking' was about the dream and one person in the dream for almost 7 years. I wondered to myself how my mind could generate so much thought about a very brief dream. What that means is that I noticed the stream of 'nonstop thinking' as distinctly 'not normal for me', and I was already focused on the content of that ever flowing stream, without any special awareness it was remote from the 'now' of how I normally experienced anything.

Within 5 years after 1984 I knew for certain in a way that cannot be doubted that my life and those people in my life were living physically a 'model' of a change that was advancing through Time when Stonehenge was conceived and built.

The powerful effort, that is the drive that was required to 'speak' this thought was one I did not generate myself, it assumed control of my body and mind and it seems to me now, there was a similar controlling authority at work in the lives of other people I knew at that point in Time, such that we were all involved in the same 'central idea'. The involvement of people who could not possibly know what had never been articulated by me, in the evolution of a central idea that even I did not suspect was 'within' me was so confusing, so overwhelming at times that literally I could barely remain erect and somewhat composed. The word 'coincidence' did not occur to me and basically it's not an accurate word to use. There was a 'doubleness'  involved but this was  a difficult attribute  to identify until thousands of 'events' happened that caused this 'doubleness' to become distinct. The name for it actually came to me when I chanced to read a small booklet I'd purchased in 1988 or thereabouts:. God, Man, Communication by George Dole and Wilson Van Dusen. I read a quotation from Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams and Spiritual Experiences: "In a vision it seemed to me as if something was torn to pieces in the air. It may signify that my double thoughts will be torn asunder." 

When I read the strange words, "double thoughts" I paused over them, wondering what that could mean. It was several years before I realized the words described exactly the situation in my own mind. A 'reflection' of content created the strange new sense of meaning and context that arose periodically between 1982 and 1984 and then afterwards, continually. A 'replay' so to speak of certain content during the 2 years prior to 1984 caused that period to be extremely valuable later when every event in every day life created that new sense of meaning and context. The word  'coincidence' was not a word I would have used for this 'doubleness' that created a 'second under lying context' eventually such that a distinct new  understanding arose in my mind opposing my 'normal' understanding.

On July 31, 1984 a gigantic lightening storm hit Seattle, Washington. That was the night the 1984  Los Angeles Olympic Games opened.

Context is essential: During the ten days between July 31August 11, 1984 I was:

(1) involved in making a full circle skirt out of a remnant of warm brown plaid that turned out to be nearly impossible. I had seen the remnant as I passed through a fabric shop, and immediately an image of a pattern I had but had never opened came into my thought. I bought the fabric and after opening the pattern realized it was not a simple full circle pattern. It was quite complex and would require more material because it was a oneway mirror image material. I tried to get more material but couldn't. But I could not decide NOT to use this material. As I struggled, somehow gripped by an unusual NEED to match the colors at seam lines and fit the pieces on the limited fabric a memory came into my thought: "You've got to get this right the first time." I realized immediately that I'd heard someone say those  exact words in the year prior to this day but they'd had nothing to do with making a skirt. When I remembered the words  I also remembered that my body had 'felt' them. The words had generated something akin to a 'shock' because I was startled for no reason I could see when I'd first heard the words. This  is an example of a kind of 'event' that was new to me then. It was a  retrieval, a replay of something I'd heard in the past. The word 'regeneration' is a good word to use because the 'event' was the memory of words, complete with my thought  and  how I'd felt. But it made no impact then as having any relationship or significance to what I was physically doing at the moment.  The fact that it was 'warm brown' fabric was not insignificant several years later, in 1989.

( 2)  I had been an advanced and challenge level square dancer for several years and at that point in Time, that required learning to dance both male and female roles because gender was removed from higher levels of squaredance. The mainstream level dancers were outraged and shunned  us.

(3) I was reading a paperback book, Mr. God This Is Anna by Fynn. Anna was an unusual child of only 4 years old when Fynn found her in London in 1929. She had a real connection with Mr. God. She believed that she was a 'viewing point' for Mr. God and that Mr. God was 'in my middle', as she put it.

(4) I had met the man I married at a squaredance in 1952.

During that ten days time slot I felt distant and remote, isolated and almost unbearably uncomfortable. In the 4 years after 1980 when Mt. St. Helens blew her top, I had become what I would describe now as almost comatose as to my 'normal self'. What I experienced within my mind in this 'new state' was impossible to relate to until after 1989.  Just barely by then, I had learned to relate now, that is immediately, to what was happening 'now' in my mind.  And there was a distinct relationship to what was physically evident in my life. That was impossible to distinguish in 1984. By 1989 a connection had become evident in a way I accept and never doubt between what had seemed to be impossible at first.

This site is about an encounter with an unexpected kind of 'voice', artificially generated and how it made its self distinct, eventually. Impeccable timing of events convinced me this 'voice' is a 'signal' moving forwards in Time carrying, in this situation, an enormous package of information complete with all equipment that's necessary to 'decode' and  understand it. Somewhat similar to how  the one signal became a palimpsest in Contact, by Carl Sagan. He fictionalized (??) a plot  in that book that was virtually a precise description of a real world experience that at least one individual recognized as a pattern  in his last  novel, Contact. Recognizing what had happened in the ten days between July 31 and August 11, 1984 required 5 years. When fall of 1989 scrolled through Time on this planet the language that can teach itself had taught itself and identified it's own 'band of thought' within the mind/body/life.

On July 31, 1984 a gigantic lightening storm hit Seattle, Washington.. That was the night the 1984  Los Angeles Olympic Games opened. In 1932, Los Angeles also hosted the Olympic Games. It is perhaps a coincidence that I have a sense now of being physically born on January 2, 1932 and born again with a certain background and lack of knowledge about the past, into a completely new world in the 10 days between July 31 and August 11, 1984. In those ten days I was 'awakened' , into a world that had already begun to 'talk' to me in a peculiar kind of language that I could not have learned or devised myself. I know of it only because it taught itself during the next 5 years but  this was accomplished through what seemed to be a conscious and active participation of 'others'. By that I mean there were people, there were very specific circumstances in their lives and mine from which a new (to me) kind of event was generated, although 'regenerated' is a more accurate word to use. This new (to me) kind of event that I had to recognize was connected to a 'vein of thought' that in itself was visible but as remote from 'now' as an undiscovered galaxy would be to those of us who live on the Earth, 'in' the Milky Way. The connection came very slowly through 'events' that eventually made this connection distinct although  it was so unexpected a relationship and almost unbelievable. Anything that seems impossible for 21 years gains credibility. What had been my 'normal' understanding ran in my mind alongside a growing 'strand of thought' that gradually emerged and developed a completely different understanding to everything in the 5 years between 1984 and 1989. I named the 'events' with my own term, before I read or heard anywhere the name others had given this kind of 'event': the result of the event was the generation of a 'second underlying/under 'lying' context. Eventually a body of new (to me) understanding emerged in a form that has not changed basically since I was called suddenly to: "Wake up, NOW!' The form is represented in the Moebius band upon which there are points of reversal and direction. I believe the parable of the Good Seed is about the 'form' of this object  although learning about it in the form of the square dance set is how I began to experience it, as 'mixed signals'.  Literally I did not sleep normally for almost 10 years such that  when the movie Sleepless In Seattle came out, I laughed somewhat because I had literally been 'sleepless in Seattle' for several years. The 'literal sense' is one attribute of this 'voice' that requires experience with it,  I don't believe anyone can grasp how it operates to create this 'voice' without direct experience.

I will have much to write about the function of the 'literal sense' in the process of becoming aware of my 'central idea', because I believe the mechanisms of mind create many miserable situations between individuals.