Choosing a password: 2009

 I was changing my password at work a couple of weeks ago and got perturbed because I've run out of easy to remember passwords. I simply could not think of a new password. My mind wasn’t a blank though. Somehow my thought swarmed with ideas that were mostly connected to a book I had just finished reading Occult Symbolism in Alchemy and the Arts by Herbert Silberer. It was a remarkable book, although it is about certain kinds of experiences that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone that hadn’t had them. I can remember when the book would not have had any meaning to me. Having had the experiences it seemed to me my mind formed 'kinship' between events that had happened in my actual life and the ideas in the book.

It was a process that I observed, the way I would observe a movie, a detached kind of observer-ship imto my body and mind. I’ve found out that it’s very difficult for me to put ‘that kind of experience’ into the kind of words this elite  author had written but I did recognize they described the nature of my experiences exquisitely well. I thought it quite a good description to a person that has 'been there, done that' and I had. My mind couldn’t fix on choosing a password. In a few seconds my mind produced a lot of content that had nothing to do with choosing a password, or so it seemed to me. My thought drifted to other books that were somewhat related to Silberer's.

I remembered having read Ira Progoff's, The Dynamics of Hope, recognizing he described many aspects of ‘certain kinds of experiences’ I’d had myself, that were basically beyond any language I had available . They were about states of mind and stages of perception, a kind of internal 'coloration' of events that had been related to a ‘mystical path’, sometimes to a process of enhanced intelligence, a psychological development. But in my simple every day language they were ‘weird things’ that happened to me, embedded in every day life though such events affected my body in various ways. Nothing tangible was changed but some how everything was different and different words were needed to describe the thing at work. The End Of Our Exploring by Monica Furlong is about ‘journeys' and I remembered how little that book meant to me when I read it. Some internal process formed associations and that process made it possible to recognize my own experiences in Silberer’s and Progoff’s books, and oddly to Monica Furlong's chapter on 'The Coming Journey' in her book. Progoff wrote that in the life path there’s a final stage where a decision is made, a final choice is made, a commitment is made and only then the seeker is rewarded with a blessing that guarantees success.

I was still sitting at my desk, the screen on my monitor waiting for me to choose a password. I was also fuming about how computers complexify just about every aspect of every day life. Nothing is simple, everything's changing, always. “It's a mixed blessing.” I thought. Somehow all of that inner stuff produced an impulse that caused me to type my new password: blessme2. ”That fits.” I smiled to myself. “I need a blessing;, bless me too.” Only a few days later I went to McDonalds for breakfast and a gorgeous black Mercedes parked in front of me, licensed, URBLEST2 It seemed to link up with the way my password came to me. (I took a picture of the license tab) Two very young girls seemed to have been blessed with that gorgeous car, which may explain their choice of letters and numbers This is an example of the kind of ‘weird things’ that I’d experienced!! It made me smile a bit, but I felt a bit angry also, this kind of ‘coincidence’ seems to be regarded as a delusion because the meaning and personalized relationship to me could not be validated by scientific methods.


 Can a stream of events  like this example, happen over decades,  happen accidentally, just randomly?