I'd had another 'event' happen not long before this one: I wanted to get home to watch Dr. Phil and was
stuck in traffic. I glanced at my clock which read 3:14,

It feels very odd that it just happens to be 3:14 when I glance at my clock   so often.

Traffic moves a bit and the auto next to me pulls ahead. his license tab is: 314 TOO.
 314 TOO!!! HONESTLY! I'd like to know what his story about 314 is.

 "Oh, well, I'm not going to make it." I thought, resigned but grateful that the show repeats later in the evening.

I've had several years of 'coincidences' with numbers that seem to come to my attention.

When the clock reads 3:14, then :15 that's the next two numerals in pi: 3.1415...