This  event happened in the the early to mid 1990's as best I can remember,  after I'd been working for Boeing for more than 10 years. I was no longer at the fabrication  location in Auburn, Wa where a metal model of the Pi logo stands.

I was having lunch in my car. I'd picked up a packet of  newly developed pictures, examined them briefly, noticing a flaw on one of the images of the pi  sculpture that Boeing used as a Pride In Excellence (PIE) logo then.  The 'flaw'  looked like a section of  ribbon made of colored streaks that seemed to be  twisted in the center which was  'white'.  It was interesting enough that I spent some time looking at it,  then went back to a book I'd been reading which was  The Re-enchantment Of The World by Morris Berman, page 30.

 When I turned the page I saw  a drawing on the next two pages of  an experiment that Isaac Newton had designed to test whether light was simple or complex.  I read the text first then looked at the two drawings of the experiment. This is a copy of the page:  Isaac Newton's experiment. I remembered having just  noticed the flaw on my picture of the pi model was of colored streaks, white at the center, which seemed to be a segment of a ribbon. The experiment resulted in 'white at the focal point'.  I took out my pictures again and felt  strange to think there was a distinct relationship between the book I was reading and the pictures in my hand. The twist of colored streaks was 'white at the center', that detail seemed identical  to the image of Newton's experiment. The timing was perfect. The book and the picture I'd just picked up were somehow brought together in this particular event. Because  I'd  had some similar experiences of precise timing between what I was reading and something happening,  it seemed likely that  I could not be imagining this meant something. But what?

This kind of event was unexpected but it had been  happening occasionally, then it began to happen more frequently. That made me curious eventually.  I knew  that I was not creating them and I never expected them. The element of surprise was a real shock.  I'd had a few other events relating to pi occur in the recent past so the picture and an apparent description of a flaw on it seemed peculiar.

One very unexpected event had happened mentally,  'all in my head' but it happened in relation to what I was looking at: a printout of the first  10,000 decimals of pi in a book by Petr Beckmann.  I'd named that incident a pi-quake because I saw my mind operate on what I was looking at.  I realized that experiences and habits I'd acquired from childhood, and during  my life were 'used' as a kind of software program to reveal a pattern in pi.  I'd called Petr Beckmann soon after it happened and to my surprise he'd spent some time talking to me and given me permission to use the two pages of pi decimals to make a T-shirt. I used them and made a T-shirt, and sent him one.

The first page of pi decimals from Petr Beckmann's  History of pi with the copyright statement.

Several events had happened in the few months prior to that day when  an enormous packet of information and memories from my past was suddenly there, opened in my mind. It happened without my intentions.  I saw my mind operate on the first block of decimals! It moved through the  decimals exposing a pattern based on numbers that I'd become aware of, they related to my birth date: 1-2-32 That event was so distinctly linked to what I was looking at, at the moment.  That event  had happened in 1989 and  had nearly caused me to swoon, literally. It is very difficult to describe what happened, but I named that event my pi mind-quake because it was so shocking. I am using the word literally.

The day I picked up the pictures, I just happened to be reading a book,  was ready to turn the next page, which is 31, the first numbers of pi, the next page being 32 which was my birth year, then I saw the drawings then read the text, all of these details could not have been foreseen by myself.  But it seemed there was foresight at work. I felt strange, but later I found out the etymology of my name, Eldritch means 'wierd, strange'.

This incident with my pictures  was a major 'event' in which the obviously precise timing brought about  the realization that this was what some have thought of as 'meaningful coincidence'. Only  I could see how the pattern and the content it revealed  had built up over a period of years. Nobody but me knew how many  strings of events linked in my mind suddenly, building that event. .  Nobody but me would ever know that. The word 'synchronization' began to replace 'synchronicity' in my mind. Later I found other pictures I'd taken that had the 'flaw' on them, but I'd not noticed them! 

This  was not so much 'coincidence' as an 'identifying experience', somewhat like describing to me, saying to me that what I was doing  was planned, but not by me. These mind-quakes were a part of some 'Big Picture, in which the long flow of events fit precisely into a greater purpose, one beyond my own life's business.  I knew  the span of time over which it had been built up; a period of time that varied widely ibecause other events had to happen, some happened two decades later, so  the string was decades long.  Thus at the time it seemed this was the final event on a string of related events that had already happened. Another pi event event happened later and the same pattern was used to reveal one detail about my life that I could not have arranged. 

The sudden exposure of  'relatedness' to so many events in the past had at first been difficult to  become  aware of because, a change in how I experienced thought and inner content in my mind had to take place. That was not an easy change, to see my mind using my memories to 'talk' to me, to help me understand what was  happening. It took a few years and many incidents happened but that led to  recognizing this particular attribute of my mind working independently on its own, and at such precise timing that I could not have brought about myself.

The purpose of this kind of event seems to me to primarily identify an individual and  the purpose is to build trust that one is not 'crazy'. When I use the word 'identify' I don't mean the psychological definition.  I mean naming or presenting to that individual some detail about their life that is unmistakable because it's so specific.  Its a kind of verbal statement, telling me something I am doing  is being used to create information that  is meant for me. I had been using the name 'pimoebius' for several years by the time this event happened.

Think about this:  I got newly developed pictures, one has a flaw on it which in a glance seemed to me to be a section of ribbon with colored streaks, twisted and pure white at the center. It looked like a 'twist' to me at first glance, a section of a moebius band with a 180 degree twist in it. The association was immediate because I've had this 'idea'  about a 'moebius twist concept' brought forth in myriads of related  experiences that had happened after 1984.

Behind the image was a string of events linked to the moebius band and the way I had become aware of it from an impulse when I was about 9 years old. . The 'moebius twist' is familiar to me from many years of experiences linked to this image.

This kind of impeccable timing has happened to me throughout my life although I didn't notice it until several peculiar events happened.  I'd been an employee of the Boeing Company for a bit more than 2 years, that would be sometime in 1987,when a few startling events similar to this one happened that caused me to be quite astonished at the utterly unbelievable timing involved. I will recite a few of them later, but back to my 'history of  discovering my relationship to pi':


There are other incidents with 'pi': 

Digital clocks are everywhere now. Recently I've noticed that if I happen to glance at a clock in my living room or anywhere else, in my car  or at work, it says 3:14  which then changes to 3:15.

Pi, the number 3.14159265358.... has had a distinct relationship to certain details of my life,  many details long before I noticed them.

I lived at 3014 61st Ave. for several years without thinking of the 0 as a big decimal point or that 3014 were  the first numbers of pi. One day the relationship appeared and to make matters more laughable, I did not look for the relationship.  I never look for such relationships, they are formed then  I see them as a kind of revealed content, not 'thought' by me.  I saw the numerals 61 in the street address according to the rule of  "Roman numbers" where a larger number precedes a  smaller number, the smaller is subtracted. That meant that 61 became 15. The rule was not one I constructed myself, it just formed.  I saw 3.1415...    Martin Gardener uses that kind of reasoning all the time.


Recently I was assigned a disabled persons parking slot at work. When I received the parking slot assignment at work it was: Tier 3, #1415.  I was surprised that  3.1415 stood out as though it was highlighted by that point in time. Even my parking slot was 3.1.415!

But  before I got the parking slot at work, I'd had to get a Washington handicap permit. The number on it was 17165. When I got the  parking slot number at work, an immediate association formed in my mind. A kind of 'moebius twist reversal'  joined 3.1415 with 17165,  the last number on the Washington permit being 5. joined to 1415 to make the next two numbers 16, 17  creating a continuous sequence..14151617.  The last number 5 on my parking slot number linked to the end of the state issued number with the numbers  reversed. I know the state has no connection to my employer designated parking slot, but I asked to be certain. It was just a random thing.

These are a few examples of how certain numbers mark a pathway in my life much like road signs. The numbers have changed at points and the pi digits were not the first such numbers. I went through more than a decade of discovering the the relationships of 651, 156, 256, 265 to what was actually going on in my life before quite suddenly those numbers were used in what I named my 'pi quake' . It  was the third really big one and it had  happened in 1989. I read a book, The History of Pi by Petr Beckmann and after reading the copyright statement turned back to the first of two pages that that 10,000 decimals of 100, 265 calculated in 1962 and in a flash of time a pattern was exposed that as I said, almost floored me. I knew this pattern had built up from the time I was about 9 years old and a few incidents happened that were the result of an impulse, a thought that had caused me to learn in isolation some fact that I later read about somewhere or learned from someone.

 But the numbers are always related to some detail in my actual life. There are certain habits and experiences  I've had, none of them being related to 'numerology' of which I knew less than nothing, that have caused me to look at numbers in a certain way;

There is a  pattern that I thought I'd discovered and named  the 'moebius twist' until I noticed a mathematical formula had already been named the 'moebius transformation'! It was a real surprise to find out there was an equation for the 'moebius twist'! How I became aware of this equation, before the Internet made it easy to get information was accidental, through a library search that just happened to have the equation on the same page of other information I'd asked about.  Yet in the early 1990's  I knew nothing about the mathematical world and had already become aware of this concept, in a nonmathematical way. It is the basis of the square-dance set and is a real cosmic level concept.

How I became aware of this  is nothing less than evidence there is a hidden reality at work, behind the every day life of any individual and in certain very specific groups of people.


I first saw the pi model on the day I went for orientation as a new hire, 2-11-85  for the first time. I knew nothing about the history of pi at that point. I'm not into mathematics, I knew nothing about 'numerology'. I knew nothing about 'cranks who come up with solutions to cosmic level problems' then. I had found out about 'cranks' and numerology when in innocence  I wrote a letter to Martin Gardner. He does this kind of 'irrational association formation' without risk because he is one very knowledgeable man! 

Seeing the pi statue was oddly thrilling however odd that may seem, coming from an individual that struggled with high school algebra. It is worth making my reader aware that   I had been a challenge level 2 squaredancer for a few years and had belonged to a short-lived  high level club  formed by a man I knew had been employed by Boeing. He'd used Pride In Excellence as his club logo so immediately  I understood  where his Pride In Excellence attitude had it's origin.

A few years later (1989)  I chanced to spot a pretty black covered book with a white pi symbol on it as I passed through the library. I paused  to glance at it, then decided to read The History of Pi by Petr Beckmann. That was a moment that opened the door to information I'd not known previously, such as that 'quadrature of the circle' or 'squaring of the circle' had been a mathematical pursuit for centuries. I smiled somewhat when I realized that 'squaring the circle' in a squaredance set is quite easily accomplished, it happens all the time. "Square 'em up' and 'Circle up 8!"

I'd read most of it when I turned to the index to look up something, noticing for the first time two pages of decimals in the back. I paused to read the copyright statement on the last page but something puzzled me about the statement: "The first 10,000 of 100,265 decimals calculated in July 1961..." which will seem absurd to my reader when I describe the thoughts that came into my mind.

 I thought for a few minutes about why the 'odd' number of 100,265 was chosen, rather than a neat round number like 100,250 or 100,000, or 100,500. . My wonderings about '265' as an 'odd choice' were on the 'top of my mind' along with several other incidents that had happened in the few weeks prior to that day.   When I turned back to the first page of decimals at first glance I saw those numbers 265 in the first line: 3.1415926535.

Then it happened. I had my third really big 'mindquake', as I noticed a mass of rearrangements occur extremely rapidly in the decimals in the first block of decimals.  Much happened in a flash of time.

 More about it later. Many habits I'd acquired early in life as well as many experiences I'd had throughout my life shaped this flashing rearrangement that exposed many hidden patterns that may not seem significant to anyone else. They made a connection to the early years of my life that I had not suspected, beginning with the few incidents in which I'd learned something seemingly trivial from an impulse, a thought that came from no person.

 There have been a few similar incidents in which I noticed what my mind was doing, as though it were to be looked at the way I would observe something outside of my body. This was a distinct change: looking at what my mind was doing, in this case pausing to 'ruminate' about an insignificant detail like 'why 100,265 rather than a round number?' This kind of ruminating which occurred to me in the style of Theodore Reik's inner musings to himself in Listening With The Third Ear, and Fragment Of A Great Confession, brought out the number 265 and made it 'stick' in my memory  along with retrieving several incidents that had happened fairly recently, involving other numbers that were very much evident in my daily life over a period of years: 156, 256, 265 . I'll  write about  them in more detail


There was a very great difference between this event and the one that had happened in 1984. I could relate immediately to this  mindquake, as I had been able to do to the second one which also happened a few months prior,  in 1989. I could not relate to the first one  in 1984, because it had emerged into a very deep level of mind that was quite remote from the moment it happened, from the 'now' when it happened. It had to be discovered quite slowly, and a very odd situation happened that caused me to realize it came from a memory extremely remote from 'words' that could be written then spoken aloud.

It was as visible as the second and third big mindquakes but it was experienced, then  remembered because one day I typed the message; and then discovered I after was hired by Boeing  in 1985. A few months later I read Contact by Carl Sagan! A thought occurred as I walked to my car: "It was a message. I got a message."  Several levels of mind and thought that I did not 'think' myself had to be discovered.

By 1989 I had traveled in inner space that I could not have suspected was  between my ears.

 In 1984 I had begun to feel very uncomfortable in my body, I was unable to sleep at night, and I was finding out that I could not read and remember what I read; I was getting lost for reasons I suspected had to do with a terrible blow on my head, and I felt driven to do many things that were not typical for me to do. The familiar every day world now contained something new to me, that affected my body at times so that I felt extremely 'dizzy'. The first mind-quake happened during that phase, which was more than two years long having begun in about 1982. The first one  was visible but it had to be 'discovered' which may read quite oddly. It was during the process of 'discovering' it, 'bit of information by bit of information' that I became aware of unbelievably precise timing involved in many events that happened in the ordinary daily life I was living at that point and certain content in books I came upon and chose randomly. Almost always I found myself 'choosing books' without even wanting to read them myself, some other part of me was doing the selecting, directing my body's activities (and passivities).  I felt very remote from what it was that I was watching, which was my body, my inner content ( a very 'thoughtfull' mind had replaced a nearly 'empty' head in the early 1980's) and everything outside of my body. I was seeing a strangely altered world where words sounded different, taking on different meanings than my 'normal' way of hearing had produced.

 When I really looked closely trying to see what had changed I could not see anything and after a few events happened that explained why no thing was changed, yet every thing was altered, I began to understand that the agent of change was in my head. It was familiar after about a year, I knew where the 'agent of change' had it's origin, which was quite different than where I had believed it had begun.

I'd become aware that  my new mindset was either caused by or was timed to seem to be caused by changes in my family at home. I had become aware of a seeming transfer of mental content, projected content from my husband. He had changed and I'd felt it in my body but when I tried to talk to him about how I felt in my body when he began to act differently, he told me  I was imagining things.

I began to see a psychiatrist about the non-stop thinking and being unable to sleep but after a few sessions I noticed he seemed to be giving me clews, that he believed that my marital   relationship was what he was focused on.  He suggested a different psychiatrist because 'he has the same personality your husband has' so he might be able to relate better to him!

The other psychiatrist had no office help, he did everything himself and he told me in private that my husband means  'exactly what he says'. And that although I had some problems, they were not as extensive as my husbands. I didn't know enough to ask for more information but the literal mindset began to emerge as the cause  of my internal changes. It altered every detail outside of my body.