The order in which I read books would not seem to be important, but it is, so that's why I've listed them as a Timeline based Book list (the order in which I read them) .  I read virtually nothing but fiction until about 1983, then a switch occurred beginning in the year just before 1984 and continuing  afterwards so that I could not seem to choose anything but non-fiction. .

 It's not been updated recently. Please read this introduction:

At a certain point in Time my habit of reading only fictions  changed into it's exact opposite: A kind of 'force', it was a real force, (the 'force of a deeply entrenched habit'?)  caused me to be unable to choose to read fictions other than a few very specific fictions, usually old ones. I felt a real compulsion, I think of it now as a 'drive', a 'force' to read books that were not fiction. They came to my attention without any effort from me to find them and they were of a kind that  I had rarely  attempted to read in the past.  I had a different relationship to my body also, although I could not name it for several years. I heard and saw everything outside of my body in a different way,  when I noticed that my hand reached for books that meant nothing to me.  I didn't seem to choose them for any reason, yet I could not NOT choose them. Eventually I felt a great curiosity about why I could not choose NOT to read books that were uninteresting to me. I did not understand what the words were intended to convey, yet I HAD to read them, without understanding what I read.  I had noticed this lack of 'understanding' in myself when I was much younger, but  in a particular way  much earlier in of my life.

At a certain point, it was about 1985 as best I can date it, I became aware of words of thought occurring in my mind: , "Read the words anyway. Pay no attention to whether you understand them or not." I did not have the feeling that I 'thought them' myself. These words were at first quite distant, 'sensed as words',  somehow similar to how a  fragrance can  'waft' towards you before you see it. Its possible to identify an object before you see it. They became real words slowly over a period of several months. It was 'thought' that evolved from being  'close to words' and moving to a location where they were distinct words of thought. " the words anyway. Pay no attention to whether you understand them or not." They were distinct words by the time I began to read Heaven and Hell by an author I'd never  heard of, Emanuel Swedenborg.

I would like to clarify why this list of books is more significant than it would seem to be. There's an attribute of timing, that is they came at points when their content had a specific relationship to what was going on in my real life. This was not easy to notice, it required many events to happen over a period of about 7 years (1982-1989)  in which 'synchronization' between what I was reading; certain 'thought' that was in my mind; and events that were happening in my physical world was so distinct that finally that attribute HAD to be given full attention.

Read the titles with a special attention because a very strange fact becomes available if you consider the words of the titles,  not merely what their inner content is:  The words literally describe some particular specific detail or concept of what was happening at the time I read the book!

That's a fact I became aware of  quite slowly, it was a complete surprise to me, I had never once in my life noticed that kind of relationship. Years later, I realized it had happened in the past, when I was fascinated with a book. It 'dawned' very slowly, when a few specific incidents (which  I've included in this site) caused me to notice this attribute, of 'describing to me what was happening in my life at the time it happened'. Let me emphasize that recognition of that relationship dawned very slowly.  It was impossible to detect the precise timing in an ongoing flow until several events accumulated and I noticed them and they occurred over a period of years. 

The first incident happened in the fall of 1981, it was an event where timing was so precise  but I barely thought of it after it happened!  Two very convincing events happened  in 1987. Then  by 1988 it was obvious that these books had specific information in them that related to a flow of strangely affecting experiences I was having. The books were even describing them for me, or contributing words that helped me to understand what this 'flow' was trying to accomplish: it was building a conversation. The 'conversation' was related to an event that had happened in my mind, in 1984 although  I had to discover it as though it had occurred on a different planet!  It was a package of information about my life, it contained a message, which I typed one day without any curiosity about it, a year after the event happened, without recognizing it even in 1985!

A most unusual situation, but I was not even curious about what my own hands had typed! I printed it out, saved it and thought nothing more about it until  several weeks after I'd read Carl Sagan's book Contact. Then a thought occurred, I 'received  it', I believe rather than created it, as though someone else said it to me:  "It was a message. I got a message." I heard myself say the words and that was becoming a pattern, hearing  my own body and seeing it almost as though I was audience to it, and seeing my self  (not as a physical body) in my life.

 I had to discover every 'bit of information' in this same form,  seeing my body, hearing what it said, seeing what it did, and that  had been such a drastic change. Who would make that kind of connection between reading a book, what I was physically doing, finding  some relationship to my own unspoken thought, and other content that was going on in my head? The 'package' which I later named a 'mindquake'  had occurred  into my mind during the 10 days between July 31 and August 10, 1984. The first 'mindquake'  had happened in the 10 days that the Los Angeles Olympic Games were being played, the second one happened in 1989 followed by a third one, a few weeks later. The last one in 1989 exposed a hidden stream of events in my life, linked them together and forced me to realize that even my most private experiences, and inner content was stored somewhere and could be accessed the way I access data on my computer and through the Internet. I named it my pi quake.

Here's the book list, which I have not updated for some time. The pattern has not deviated however.  

The Impersonal Life                  ( 1981 )                      DeVorss Publishing Company   The first words were: "To you who read, I AM come. 

                                                                                                                                            To you who read, I  AM speaking."                                                                                        

The Weaver Of Dreams              (1982)                       Myrtle Reed  (fiction)   Three paragraphs on page 175/176, about two kinds of people.

The Bodyís Rapture                        (1982)                      Jules Romain    1911 (Fiction)  The idea of being  out of body'; having a passionate love for another person, and a depth level of mind.

Reality Therapy                               (1983)                      William Glasser      I'd begun to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Rehngren, the book was his.

Mental Health Or Mental Illness        (1983)                     William Glasser      Same source, Dr. Rehngren

Psychology For The Layman              (1983)                    Eric Berne       A drawing of  a healthy ego, a thin in places ego, and a thin in places ego, borrowing ego.      

Mr. God, This Is Anna                  (1984)                       Fynn       Mr. God was 'in her middle. She said: "I am a viewing point for Mr. God."

The Obsessive Personality                 ( 1984)                     Saltzmann    This book was one in which I began to recognize a 'detail' about my life in it.

Steppenwolfe                                                                    Herman Hesse  A man whose mind was divided, he was a wolf and a man and had very strange experiences.

The Presence Of Other Worlds                                         Wilson Van Dusen    Description of 'strange experiences'!! It 'described' the mind of the 'insane'.

Stations Of The Mind                         (1987)                    William Glasser  "There is a controller for comfort in the mind." That was a new idea to me.

God, Man, Communication               1988                      Wilson Van Dusen, George Dole  The literal sense and another sense were introduced,

Other Worlds                                      1987                        Paul Davies  "The importance of an observer." which had been a 'thought' that emerged in  1984, and an idea was attached to it.

Men Who Have Walked With God       1986                       Sheldon Cheney

Psychology of The Unconscious             1986                      Robert Ornstein

The Phenomenon Of Man                   1987                      Teilhard de Chardin

Pathways Through To Space                 1986                      Franklin Merrill Wolfe     This book and the next one were incomprehensible, but I felt that I  HAD to read them.

Consciousness Without An Object           1986                   Franklin Merrill  Wolfe    He doesn't articulate his experiences in normal words. What was this man writing about?

Cosmic Consciousness                     1985                            Richard M. Bucke          A new idea about  a kind of mental event that changed the life, but ...what?

People Of The Lie                             1985                          M. Scott Peck                I had begun to notice a strange relationship between a couple in our       

                                                                                                                                 life, a man that I couldn't talk to, and his wife who seemed to have an

                                                                                                                                unusual effect on him AND ON ME. In 1989 I realized they were at that point, living models of my marital life.

An Imagined World                         1986                         June Goodfield               This was a critical book, the jacket contained exact words that I'd noticed in my thought, before I read them on that jacket. The sense of recognition word on the jacket and thought that had emerged into my mind was 'remote', barely there, not articulatable, just barely noticeable.

The Abusing Family                            1987/8?                  Justice and Justice                I had not read this kind of book, but I realized it was 'about' my family situation.

The Bond Of Power                          1986                      Joseph Chilton Pearce        A truly new kind of information, as well as a very personal

                                                                                                                                     relationship was formed to themes in the book:  'folie aux duex', William Blake, autism,

and Arthur C. Clarke's book, Childhood's End, topics that were relevant to my history .

Journeys Out Of Body                          1987                      Robert Monroe                  New information about a real man, one alive at the time I read it. His experiences were unusual. 

The Symbolic And The Real                 1986                      Ira Progoff                          Could not  understand what the 'symbolic' and the 'real' meant.

The Will To Create                               1986                         Rollo May                       I read about 'gestalts', a moment of 'round  sound', an entire composition heard as a unit in a second of  time.

Far Journeys                                        1988                        Robert Monroe                 Further information., as I read this  book  a new 'sense' emerged in my thought, when I read

                                                                                                                                    about Monroe's dawning awareness of not being alone in his new level of

                                                                                                                                    experiences.  I had begun to feel a presence, a kind of guide, a counselor in my mind.

The End of Our Exploring                      1986                        Monica Furlong              A critical book, remarkable to me who knew nothing about 'paths'  that

                                                                                                                                   were so distinct to such a young woman. I felt a sense of 'recognizing',

                                                                                                                                   a sense of familiarity in the 'Coming Journey'. referencing certain events 

                                                                                                                                   that had happened in my past, those memories that were the 'remains'.        

William Blake And The Tree Of Life      1986                      Laura De Witt James       A truly monumental book because I recognized the relationship between

                                                                                                                                  Albion and Vala; and between Los and Jerusalem and some words I'd heard from my husband; and my

                                                                                                                                   grandmother's 'ball of rose colored crochet twine' event, which was retrieved 

                                                                                                                                   automatically by my mind/brain, not by me when I read  the poem on the last page of 

                                                                                                                                   the book.                                                                                                                         

Wholeness And The Implicate Order      1987                     David Bohm                     An amazingly 'familiar idea' seemed to be what he was attempting to

                                                                                                                                   convey: "what you see is what you get'. It was a remark I'd made to Jan many times in a certain  situation between us..                                                                                                                                             

The Psychotherapy and Cure Of Satan, J.S.P.S         ???? (Fiction)                             A strange new idea that the 'satan'  might not be real evil and he might not like being thought of as evil. .

The Devil                                              1985                        Molnar, ??  (Fiction 1911)    About an event that was misunderstood, a lie was told that changed many lives.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull                     1985                Richard Bach                        The book I'd avoided reading when it was popular contained a

                                                                                                                                   reference to a 'presence' that Jonathan encountered, to help him in his

                                                                                                                                   isolation and despair.

Listening With The Third Ear                  1986                    Theodore Reik                   The first book in which a sense of recognition occurred, "He writes like I

                                                                                                                                   think." I had been told I was 'tangential, digressive' couldn't stick to a topic, when I tried to set a context for

                                                                                                                                    what I said. The way he described mental processes was extremely new

                                                                                                                                    information to me.

Powers Of Mind                                  1986                  Adam Smith                          New information about different 'states of mind', experiences with drugs.

Hidden Communion                            1988                  Joost Meerloo                          About non-verbal communication

Incredible Coincidence                       1984                  Alan Vaughn                            He mentioned that there's a kind of blueprint, a foreknowledge of one's life plot, I read about how a person could become a bit player in their own life and become a star in someone else's life.

Theory Of Eternal Life                         1986                  Rodney Collin                        This was very strange but I read words that I'd thought before I read them in this book. "You have inadvertently guessed a very great secret." in a conversation between a man and a magician.

The Fourth Way                                 1985                    P. D. Ouspensky

The Doors Of Perception; The Art Of Seeing    1986        Aldus Huxley

SuperLearning                                   1987                 Ostrander and Ostrander

The Scapegoat Complex                      1987                 Sylvia Perrera Brinton

Narcissism, Character Disorders & Transformation   Nathan Salant Schwartz

Tertium Organun                         1986                          P. D. Ouspensky

The Moebius Seed                     1988                           Steven Rosen

Replay                                        1988                            Ken Grimwood

Heaven And Hell                          1988                         Emanuel Swedenborg

Synchronicity, The Bridge Between Mind and Matter   1988   F. David Peat

In Search Of The Miraculous          1988                           P. D. Ouspensky

Tremulations                                  1988                            Emanuel Swedenborg

Sympathetic Vibrations                 1987                            K.C. Cole

The Road Less Travelled               1986                             M. Scott Peck

The Edges Of Science                   1987                           Eugene Mallowe

Crack In The Cosmic Egg              1988                          Joseph Chilton Pearce

Iím Ok, Youíre Ok                       1986                           Eric Berne

The Hidden Dimension                   1987                         Edward T. Hall

The Silent Language                        1987                        Edward T. Hall

The Hidden Self                                                                Theodore Reik

The Double Helix                                                             James Watson

The Search For The Double Helix     1986                       John Gribbon

Atoms, Matter, Physics      (! ! ! !)       1989                  Alan Nourse   He's a Seattle physician, author.  This was an amazing experience, because it contained the answer to e = mc2   

Ritual, Psychological Studies                                          Theodore Reik

A New Model Of The Universe                                    P. D. Ouspensky

The Arrow Of Time                                                     Roger Highsmith, Peter Coveney

The Future Of Man                                                     Teilhard de Chardin

The Divine Milleu                                                        Teilhard de Chardin

The Psychology Of Man's Possible Evolution               P. D. Ouspensky

The Cosmic Code                                                       Heinz Pagels

 The Strange Life Of Ivan Osokin                                 P. D. Ouspensky

Blake, Jung And The Collective Unconscious              Elaine Pagels

The New Man                                                            Maurice Nicoll

The Mark                                                                    Maurice Nicoll

Synchronicity And Human Destiny                                Ira Progoff

Divine Providence    (2)                                               Emanuel Swedenborg

Arcana Coelestia ( several volumes)                            Emanuel Swedenborg

The Interpretation of Schizophrenia                             Silvano Arieti    

The Parnas                                                                  Silvano Arieti

The Act of Creation                                                     Arthur Koestler

Creativity                                                                     Silvano Arieti

The Greeks And The Irrational                                     E. Dodds

The Republic,                                                               Plato

The Oedipus Trilogy                                                     Sophocles

The Euminedes                                                             Euripedes

Living Time And Integration Of The Life                       Maurice Nicoll

The Commentaries                                                       Maurice Nicoll

(Mathematical History) several books.

Sacred Geometry                                                       Robert  Lawler

Infinity And The Mind                                                Rudy Rucker

The Bridges Of Infinity                                                Michael Guillen

The End Of Certainty                                                  ??

Flat Land                                                                   E. Abbott

Sphereland                                                                Dionysys Burgher

A New Era Of Thought                                             Charles Hinton

Scientific Romances                                                   Charles Hinton

Science of the Sacred  and (3 books)                         Gregory Bateson

The Reenchantment Of The World                             Morris Berman

Coming To Our Senses                                              Morris Berman

The Creation Of Woman                                           Theodore Reik

The Cassandra Complex                                           Laurie Layton Shapira

(The advent of the 737X paperwork YA001) 1995 (this coincided with Life Against Death, repetition of a pattern; the entire phase repeated at work, when the 'new generation' airplane arrived.)

Life Against Death (1995)                                          Norman O. Brown

The Egyptian Hermes         (A MUST to read)           Garth Fowden

Hesiod, Theogony, Works And Days                        Norman O. Brown

Hermes, The Trickster                                               Norman O. Brown

The Celestine Prophecy                                              James Redfield

Ultimate Journey      (! ! ! !) Incredible book!!      Robert Monroe (He died soon after authoring this book.)

Science And Sanity (1999)                                         Alfred Korzybski

Morals & Dogma (1999)                                            Arthur Pike

The Philosophy Of Symbolic Forms  (II) (2001)         Ernst Cassirer                                                                                                                                                                               

Theogony, Work and Days                                        Hesiod

The Self And Psychotic Process                                John Weir Perry

The Lord of Four Quarters                                       John Weir Perry

Essays On Schizophrenia                                          Harold Searles

The Dynamics Of Hope                                            Ira Progoff

Below I will make a list of books I've read in the past 4 years. I'm adding them separately because I've had a drastic change occur in my mind, unexpected and almost impossible to describe but I have to try. This change began when two sisters and I were in California after the death of one of our sisters, we cleared the house and got it ready for sale. These two sisters of mine were born when I was 11 years old, when I had been basically assigned the role of a mother because our mother worked and she, as well as our father was not the kind of parent  the text books we read in school depicted. They were not the stereotype either, I don't mean to imply they were, they were not educated themselves. They worked hard and were not alcoholics, nor into drugs.

It, by that I mean the 'flow' and it's content, was purposeful, intending to get my attention in a  new form of  'addressing' me and was in fact talking to me.  I became aware over a period of several years that often the title of the book 'described to me' a detail about what was happening in my actual real world life at the time I read the book!  The timing could not have been chosen by me, nor arranged by me, it was always a real 'shock' when this precision became evident.  It was not a simple thing to grasp this attribute, in fact it would have been impossible to establish this as a fact except that  incidents happened in which the timing was so impeccable that attribute could not be ignored. I began to realize long strings of situations in my past were aimed towards future events. And it was obvious there was nothing random or purposeless generating this 'flow' within my life although other people seemed to know more about it than I did! 

This list is not  meant to be a  bibliography; itís an example of the attribute of the literal sense.  In this 'sense' words, varying from a single word to  an entire book,  are highlighted  and are understood with an added effect,  sense of self reference. This attribute is applicable to words  irregardless of their original context and source, a new context is generated. This is really a process of 'regeneration' in that an original context is replaced, i.e a new context is generated. A sense of familiarity may be the experienced, or a sense of 'resonation', which is a currently popular word that one hears frequently. The word 'echo' is a good word to use although what is in the 'reflection', or what is 'reheard' is a completely different context. I named this 'effect' a 'second underlying/under lying context'. A Jungian analyst that I went to for a time told me this was an accurate term to use to describe what Carl G. Jung named, meaningful coincidence. Emanuel Swedenborg named the same kind of event, as 'double thought', and that is also perfectly accurate, literally. It's as though one knew already and that some 'inner content' is being matched up with something 'out there, outside of the body'  but this is not obvious nor easily distinct.  The term deja vu, very likely arose from this kind of 'event'.

What this means is that there was an attribute in which the title of the book meant exactly what it says as a 'description of a detail about my life at the moment'.  There was a specific part in the book that seemed 'electric' although I could not have used that word to describe it that affected me strongly. In some circumstances, the entire book seemed 'familiar' as though the words had been already known to me.   It's  a partial list. I feel like I must have been reading all the time but I wasn't really!