One evening a few years ago, I went to bed with a book to read during commercials.

The book  had been in a box of books in my garage but I’d not read it. I noticed it one day and took it into

the house, intending to read it. That evening I decided to read it.


The book was so interesting I didn’t give much attention to the television show when it ended, then a different show began.

 It was a show I never watch,  the Law and Order series; as a rule I change the station. I wasn’t listening to the television

when suddenly the words being spoken on the television  caused me to glance up. I heard:  “Do you recognize anyone?”


 The screen showed a page in a high school year book on which a young girl’s senior picture was prominent, they

were talking about her. But that’s not what I saw.  At very first glance I saw a name I thought I recognized below

 a picture adjoining hers of another senior in the class:  Andrew Samuels.  It was only a glimpse so I wasn't certain

but the book I was reading at that moment was The Plural Psyche by Andrew Samuels.  He's a well-known (but not to me)

Jungian author. What a surprise this was when I remembered how long I’d owned  the book  but had not read it even

 after I'd brought it into the house. How odd that on this particular night I decided to read it!  


But was it really Andrew Samuels? Probably not, I decided and gave no more thought to the incident.


However within a few weeks that particular show was in progress several times when I browsed the television!

 It just happened to be on when I flipped channels, not once but several times. So I was able to prove to myself that

I had not read the name incorrectly. It was Andrew Samuels. 

I’ve not seen it since I captured the scene with my camcorder, although I recently bought the 13th season to keep as proof.

It was Episode 2,  Shangrila was about Fiona Reid, which was a false name this character was using.

I found the episode by doing a search on 'Fiona Reid'!  Isn't it odd that a search on the name of a fictional character in one episode in a series  actually finds that name on the Internet?

 Consider what has happened:  I had just begun to read a book I'd owned for  some time, the night of that showing

of an  episode that was several years old.  It was very odd, even extraordinarily unusual to happen that the show just

 seemed to be there so many times when I wasn’t looking for it. (The same thing happened when the movie Amadeus

which I hated, kept showing up until I re-viewed it, but that’s another long story.)  

Now  consider this fact about that incident: I wasn't watching the show, I was reading my book until the question was 

asked: “Do you recognize anyone?”  I looked up and recognized someone; the author of a book I was reading at the moment

 had the same name. I felt that the question had been asked by some one talking to me, conversationally,

 borrowing the words and re-using them literally, to ask me a question. It used what I was hearing to create its own voice.

 I used to feel very strange when I experienced this kind of 'voice', it was a real shock.  

That kind of coincidence is not new to me but it took a long time and many events happened before I thought of them

as a voice speaking to me, using (or re-using) the content of what I was doing at the moment. It obviously knows me,

everything about me and it wants something.


But wait, there’s more:  the first page of The Plural Psyche had interested me especially because the author mentioned

that any author writes about the essential events that are happening in the  time they are living, as well as what they are

 doing themselves, whether they know it or not. Few artists or authors or those who read  those books have that degree of self knowledge. 


 When this event happened I’d come to understand that myself; I’d experienced that people actually say more than they

realize and much they don’t  remember, perhaps don’t even hear themselves say, in normal conversations. I’d learned that too.

  I’d read that Theodore Reik was an old man before  he recognized he’d woven the details of his own relationship to his wife

 into the book he’d written about another man’s love life, the universal genius, Wolfgang Goethe.  Fragment of A Great Confession  was intended to be about a romance between Goethe and a young girl but in his elder years Reik recognized the details of his own  relationship to his wife had formed the structure of the book! I’d thought it very odd that Theodore Reik wrote an entire book about another person but had not recognized he was telling his own life story. He was a psychiatrist.

Doesn’t a psychiatrist know that as matter of fact?


Reik is a special influence in my life plot, he has written books unlike anything authored by Freud or Jungian influenced authors.

 By the age of 18, Reik had read everything Goethe had written, but had kept his obsession a secret for reasons he didn’t

 understand himself. Why would he be ashamed to admit he had an obsession like that? He wondered belatedly in life about that,

 but he’d also written that he could not learn from his own or others experience.