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      From Out Of The Blue,  Zero A Point Of Origin


During the course of any day,

A variety of thought flows through my 'way'.

As I view the world from my vantage point:

My family, friends, co-workers;

All of the activities of my day.


This causes thought to bounce around,

And then my 'Point Of View' comes out to play,

This 'point of view' is really me,

'It' looks at more than I can see, 

Knows more about the world

Than eye alone could ever see.


One day when thoughts about a book I'd read,

Crept up from deep within my head,

I asked a question: "Zero is an abstraction?

That makes no sense to me.

Zero is a number, but not like 1 or 2 or 3.

Those numbers represent a 'thing'.

How can a number be a 'no thing?"


And then "It" answered me!


"In counting and in calculating,

You must make a start.

Zero marks the 'point' where you depart.

The 'point of origin' you might say.

When 'zero' is behind then you've begun.

You're on your way from 'no thing',

And moving on to 1.


This small rhyme I give to you,

As 'it' passed through to me.

Answers to questions

From out of the blue,

In words and pictures,

From 'its' remarkable brew.


What a trivial seeming idea. Zero as a point of origin.


And on the Cartesian graph moving in either direction, zero is the point of origin.


What a difference a completely new idea makes when you understand it! And what a small seed is a new a bit of information that makes you stop and notice it. I'd read An Imagined World by June Goodfield three years prior to the morning something I'd read in the book came into my mind. A young Anna Brito is told by her teacher to think about multiplying by zero. She has learned to add and subtract by looking at real objects and counting them. Multiplication by zero cannot be done with real objects, so she understands 'zero as an abstraction' in a flash of insight  that led her to become fascinated with abstractions.


Her idea of 'zero as an abstraction' came into my mind, a stray thought seemingly as it meandered about in my mind one morning at work. I had joined a Toastmaster's club and was required to write a poem, give a speech about how I'd written it and recite the poem. I'd never written a poem before, ever. As I thought about 'zero as an abstraction' some will other than my conscious will made me reach for a pen and paper, and without effort or thought from me, my hand wrote the words of this poem. I was startled to say the least, but pleased.


An idea from one person can germinate, because I've seen it happen, into a completely new to that person idea. There's even a name for the process, displacement It can open the doorway to a completely unsuspected large idea, one that has gripped the mind of man for centuries and thousands of years but which woman has only just begun to try to figure out with her own mind and memories. The past of woman and man is very different, that is something I can say in 1997 that was not really as visible in 1984 as it is now.  History was quite literally his story , his view of every detail on Earth.


Any woman will immediately recognize as I have begun to do, that the hidden world of the unconscious that psychiatry tries to address contains a very different past for the genders. Because its written by only one gender. Any woman that has heard a son express the grief mine did when he found out he wasn't ever going to be able to make a baby in his tummy the way I had done, knows there is an opposite to female  penis envy. Thus  far only the male of the species has spoken of such things. I had just brought home his baby sister, and he'd happily mentioned he was going to make a baby in his tummy when he grew up. I'd gently told him he couldn't do that. His response was immediate: "You mean not ever? NOT EVER CAN I MAKE A BABY IN MY TUMMY?" I remember his white face, and the way the words were packed with strong feelings. Envy, if you consider the letters ENV has a particular relationship to what this  3 years old child of mine poured out when he expressed his sense of grief  But I was a  young woman then and I didn't think of framing what I saw into words the way I do now. 


It isn't easy to do, framing what you see when you see some thing that's invisible itself into words. What happened to me when I began to do it, is what this essay is all about: words came to me as though they seemed to know where on Earth I was located. They found me, one by one or batched into a book or several books, but in a very chaotic way. I had to notice that, I had to discover that fact, there was no sign that told me.


I bought a book yesterday that is written by a man, Peter Huber who scanned George Orwells' book, 1984 into a computer then re-used the words to create a new view of the world George Orwell described in the book 1984.  That world was a dreary war filled, hate filled world where everyone was observed every minute, even ones' thought was monitored by thought police.  But this new view, was created by re-forming George Orwell's words  was filled with the opposite: hope and new freedom. There's one sentence in the book that really made me experience a satisfied shock. The subtitle of 1984 is Big Brother is Watching You. What I read was an answer: "We are watching you."


The title of Huber's book is Orwell's revenge: The 1984 Palimpsest. The title of the book and the outline of the book describes very accurately how the words that found me in books that I chanced to buy and read, not at all willingly at first, were re-used to create information about my 'central idea'.  The plot in the books I've chanced to read clearly became a description of what was in front of my eyes at the time I read it, of some detail of my life. Overall, the form and the plot of this man's book which I just bought yesterday, I've not read it yet, is a description of the real 1984 palimpsest that I've been decoding along, with co-operation from every other human on this Earth, even prior to 1984!


 Two genders that were united and bonded from the beginning were split asunder when man and only man began to conceive mentally: the concept itself bonds information together but words are required for any bit of information to be understood. Words are required even in thought, for such 'barely there content' as feeling, emotions to be described to another person. This  was not something I thought or knew about  prior to 1984 when I began to try to describe to another person a new addition to my mind. Some thing new to me that I thought was the effects of  a severe blow on the head and drastic surgery . The causes of these new effects, were fixed in my mind as the results of visible things, the blow on the head and surgery until about 5 years later, 1989.


By then I had a new set of causes and effects, but I also had two completely different views on all events in my life. Two completely different and very separate views upon every word I read or heard or thought.


Just reading the number of days I'd been alive on a printout of the News stories of the day, month and year I was born inserted an idea about time into my mind that grew beyond anything I could have imagined when I read that paper.  The printout said I'd been alive 20,956 days on May 18,1989 on the day I got the printout from the Museum Of Science And Industry in Chicago.  I'd never thought about counting the days I'd been alive until then. Obviously all that was lacking was the impulse to do such a thing. Anyone can calculate the number of years they've been alive by the number of days in a year but I'd not thought to do it. I began to think about time then, and different events happened in my job at Boeing that folded directly into my thinking.


Besides that new idea about time, there were many other distracting bits of information in that printout, that meant more to me at the time than the number of day's I'd been alive on May 18, 1989. What I noticed first was the date was exactly 9 years after Mt. St. Helens blew her inner content over my home.  And I noticed that the winners of Nobel Prizes that year were honored for discoveries related to particles inside the atom.


But what most interested me was that a Nobel Prize was given for discoveries of the functions of neurons in the brain.  This is the bit of information that fitted into a flow of experiences I'd had after July 31, 1984 which seemed to me to have the attribute of forming a sort of conversation aimed at me.


I had been reading books that were not typically books I found interesting, but I couldn't choose books because they were interesting. Something inside me, and it was a new thing, did all the choosing for me. I merely watched myself, unable to choose, and unable to NOT read the books chosen for me in spite of the fact they were not interesting to me because I couldn't understand them.  A definite loss of personal will and volition replaced the content of my habits of reading fictions almost exclusively with new content: Read only non-fictions. I'd always read almost constantly when I had time, but I'd not read non-fiction books. That was the change of content, the habit of reading almost constantly remained the same.


But it was very difficult to read then in the early 1980's because I couldn't remember anything I read. The words seemed to fall into a black hole in my head and it hurt in my head to read.  Who would read even a page if you couldn't remember at the end of a paragraph what you'd read and if it hurt to read? It baffled me that I was forced to read, and couldn't choose NOT to read the books that caught the interest of this new part of me, that impelled me to do what IT wanted to do whether I found it pleasant and interesting or not.


But I did begin to notice, quite gradually that a few words I could remember reading crept into  my thought, so it was obvious to me that what I was reading was being latched onto by some part of my mind because it was present in new thought.


Still yet another thing became noticeable:  There was a definite addition to my thought, very rarely, of a few words that I had not yet read or heard anywhere  but I read those words almost immediately in a book I was already reading. This more than anything baffled me. The word 'numinous' came into my thought in this way: "The numinous is hard to bear." . I wondered about my own thought content by then, little aware that I had begun to watch and listen in a new place: to my own thought as I would read and listen to the words on a book's page!


When I read Contact by Carl Sagan in 1985, almost as soon as it was published my hand reached for a copy, my eye glanced at the blurb on the jacket, my hand reached for my checkbook and wrote the check. It was about a message,  and a palimpsest. That is what caused me to buy it.  In that book fictional book, Mr. Sagan had a character speak about the numinous which was to me a new word except that it had occurred to me just recently in my thought as "The numinous is hard to bear."


Mr. Sagan has his character speak about not only the numinous but those who create the numinous experience of those on Earth. He inserted something else that I didn't notice at all until after 1982 when I chanced to drop the book and as it fell some pages crumpled up so the book wouldn't close after I'd picked it up. As I smoothed the pages, my finger moved along words that caught my attention and held it: he mentioned pi. That page said that pi was coded so that when man has developed well enough, we could decode it. I had by then already become aware of a very definite coding in pi, although the coding was strictly limited to personal experiences I'd had that involved  my long time memory and experiences, even back to my first memory at age 2 1/2. "I am in a cold place." It was a complete photograph of that moment, what I was looking at, where I was, as well as the thought. That memory re-occurred later often enough that I wondered why.


The new habits of perception and way of looking at everything was familiar to me after a couple of years. The way I noticed my mind at work, trying to understand even meaningless, trivial things was a new to me. It 'overlaid' my longtime personal habits, wrapping around them, gripping them relentlessly and focusing my attention, my interest and my physical doings. I felt quite literally bottled up, I had acquired tunnel vision and it turned me, it seemed to me, into a finely focused human microscope looking at what was in front of my eyes. And trying to describe what I saw was demanded of me. That requires words but I didn't know those words so I used my own words, that also was demanded of me. And in looking at my own thought as though it scrolled along on tape that had begun to play after a dream in 1992, I was watching in two places: inside my own mind and outside in the physically visible world. .


They were such books as Other Worlds by Paul Davies, Wholeness And The Implicate Order by David Bohm, The Quickening Universe by Eugene Mallove, The Anatomy Of Reality by Jonas Salk, and Sympathetic Vibrations by an author I cannot remember at this moment.


The titles of these books have something to day that is relevant to the idea I am trying to write about if you notice it. There is a real and literal content of the words in the titles of just this short list of books that describes exactly what was happening to me at the time I read them. If I add to this short list the titles of a few more books: The Silent Language by Edward T. Hall, The Hidden Dimension  also by Edward T. Hall, The Lives Of A Cell by Lewis Thomas and last but not least Listening With The Third Ear by Theodore Reik  any one that has any familiarity with these books will grasp a whisp of what I mean.


But if I add yet another list of titles from books I'd read by May 18, 1989: The Presence Of Other Worlds by Wilson Van Dusen,  An Imagined World by June Goodfield, The Double Helix by John Gribbon , just the titles have a literal application to what I'm writing that was more than surprising to me: it was a real mindquake when I realized this literalness overlaid the new world's words.  It was new to me, but I believe its almost invisible to the masculine gender that such literalness overlays already their world, and that its been overlaying it for about 2600 years, at least since the region of Greek thought that generated ideas of logic and certain myths.


Recently I read The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton, finding words in it that spoke about an upper region of Greek thought that expressed itself in a certain way, without embellishments, without extraneous descriptions. And she wrote about a change that happened, a miraculous change when impossible things became possible very briefly.  The results of the change remained afterwards, cemented into human thought, which it changed forever then.


The results of this change was I believe born as an idea in persons who after that point began to express it in quite different ways although it was the same idea and the same form of thought.  The idea itself, seems to me to be connected to another realm, and its not physically present on this Earth at all.  There is a language, a new language that can teach itself to any person that can grasp that it is a language and that it is teaching itself to you through your own personal memories, understanding and personal past.  And as it is teaching itself to you, it also describes what is in front of your eyes at the time!  In doing this, it also reveals quite clearly that IT, which is teaching you and which is describing through your own thought about the visible world and its objects another world and what you are doing in it, is doing the teaching purposefully, with great intent that IT be recognized and understood to be the Teacher.


I don't think I can say that what we have named as God is also what we seek through radio waves, contact from other worlds is the same thing, and that this Presence can and does enter into every life born on Earth at some point just as it did mine July 31, 1984 without generating immediate responses that I as a woman have committed to words something that is the ultimate of heresy.  But that is what I believe, because I have experienced myself having been talked to and taught many ideas I didn't know existed before, and some ideas that have not been written down yet by anyone. One idea, that what has been experienced in the long past as God and the contact we seek from extra terrestrials is the same thing I've just framed into words after a long period of struggling to write them.


The form of thought that was very new to me after a definate point in time, which I can name and link to a point when a man I knew said to me as he prepared to teach a new and difficult challenge level squaredance call, one named chain reaction: "You will have to get this right the first time. What you get used to gets to be normal."  I heard what he said in a new way. He seemed to be talking about something I'd had in my mind, and I cannot digress very far at this point to write about what I'd been thinking about but he clearly addressed it with those words.  He appearred to me then, and just then to be reading my thought because he spoke words that indicated he did. By 1989 this was normal, typical and everyday experience except for one detail: the words didn't always come from persons, they came from objects that use words, or passersby who could not possibly know what I was thinking. By 1989 I had a name for this sort of new connection to meaning, I had two names for it. One name came to me quite slowly, over a long period of time and the other I found written on a medical chart by a counselor who had listened to me talk to her. Drowsily, and dreamily because I was medicated I said to her things that she fitted into words herself, and they were symptoms of certain kinds of thinking which to her indicated I was forming delusional associations.


I could not account for the dizziness, the feelings of disorientation, or how an object or passersby could know what was in my thought.  By 1989, a level of me grasped that the change was inside me, and that something inside me was shaping the new meanings and contexts for words. But there was also a very clear knowledge that what was inside me now had at one time been outside of me, and that it had been inside another person I knew who no longer possessed (or was possessed by) what now possessed me.  The form of replication that females do is not the same as the replications of the male who replicates mentally not physically.  The conception of an idea, began in only one gender, and it wasn't the female.


But the thing that generates ideas itself, the very thing itself, does in a peculiar way I believe begin with having observed an other, and 'what we observe, that we become' without awareness that we do this.  There is something involved in this that is most strange, a self replicating thing but it has nothing to do with material things, just new ideas according to a fixed and rigidly established format that is a pattern over all patterns and it contains all patterns within it. If I think of a hemp rope with its natural strands of hemp, that are formed into coils, and how coils are formed into a rope that is the simplest way to explain what I mean. The shape itself, the shape of a rope is what makes it a rope and the shaping is a pattern. One strand of hemp might be one pattern, each strand might be a different pattern, yet when a person understands enough of the strands, one leaps into a coil  where its not necessary to learn and know about each individual pattern. One has learned enough about patterns to be able to find what is specific and unique in what is actually general and not at all particular or seemingly even related in any way. I think this is a quantum leap, becoming a 'coil' after sufficient numbers of strand patterns have been understood, where "suddenly there" understanding is generated of many new ideas that are shaped from what one already knows. 


 This kind of thinking, just the facts you might say without symbolic additions was easily relateable to someone I knew already and had known for more than 40 years.  It is not easy to try to talk about how uncomfortable words that you hear can make you feel, how real body discomfort is felt by unnecessary words you hear or even speak yourself.


The words I heard coming at me from the exterior world, anywhere that words was used, sounded very differently to me than how words sounded prior to 1984.  I couldn't describe to myself the  subtle change that made words sound differently to me, but it was this change that caused me to feel talked to by a non-physically present entity. There were reasons why I felt that I knew this entity very well at that time, because basically it had the exact qualities, habits of speech and as far as I could discern, habits of thinking that my husband had always had.  In other words this non-physically present entity within me seemed to me to be very familiar after I became acquainted with it, and that required the passage of at least a year to become visible to me. And the visibility of this inner entity to me, was a completely new thing in itself.


These qualties I can describe now but I couldn't then.  I mean such as examining small details minutely  and trying to make sense of even the letters and numbers on a license tab created a very great sense of unease in me.   being unable to make a decision that required spending money even for a small gift,




 Opening the door to the mystery of zero, happened after I wrote this poem a few years ago. It isn't great poetry, but the way it happened was truely an experience to treasure: it just came. The idea about 'zero is an abstraction' was plucked from a book I'd read, I reached for a pencil and my hand wrote the poem. Afterwards I began to notice many details about direction and time, not just in counting but in the mental realm.


When an old idea is colored with new information the old is a sort of 'zero', its a place to begin watching understanding change.


Anna Brito was a fourth grade student in Portugal when her teacher told the class to 'think about multiplying by zero'.   Her mind played around with this new idea, but she couldn't understand how multiplying by zero could result in zero. Then suddenly a flash of insight "zero is an abstraction" caused her to understand how 2 apples in one hand multiplied by zero didn't leave two apples. She fell in love with abstractions.  


The sudden understanding that 'zero is an abstraction' triggered an interest that led her to discover something about the immune system that had not seen because this new thing had always been accepted as normal, when it was not normal. She discovered this new thing the first time she looked at immune system cells, and the real struggle began when she tried to convince everybody else that what appearred to be 'normal' wasn't. It was virtually impossible to erase the idea of what had been everpresent, and accepted as 'the way it ought to be' and replace it with the new idea. It took a lot of talking, and explaining before even one person grasped what it was that she saw!!


So her struggle was with a very strange situation: the invisibility of what is familiar, everpresent, defined and named already. The new idea was so completely unexpected that it sank slowly into the understanding of her peers, and strangely they didn't seem to realize /


She just happened to be in the right place at the right time, falling into a slot that was apparently waiting for her in the 60's when her new boss handed her a tray of mouse thymus gland cells and told her to sit quietly and look at them 'just for fun' to see what she could see. 


I was taking a Toastmasters class in 1987. The teacher gave us an assignment: write a poem, memorize it and give a 7 minute speech telling about how you wrote it. I had not written a poem in my entire 55 years, so I was thinking about skipping the class on Tuesday because by Monday I'd not begun a poem. No clue what to write about.


At work, as I wrestled with excuses I could give for not coming to class, a thought entered my mind: "Zero is an abstraction." I knew where I'd read it, so this thought, seemingly randomly retreived from memory is  what caused me to wonder (again) exactly what her thoughts had been. Why should a sudden grasp of  'zero as an abstraction' open so much new territory that it led her to want become a scientist later? I am not very good at mathematics, yet a peculiar fascination with numbers has plagued me ever since I became quite fond of the sort of problems we used to have on the semi-yearly intelligence tests that were required in Indiana schools in the 30's and 40's.


The book, An Imagined World  was written by June Goodfield who watched the young woman as she made a significant discovery about the immune system which was itself invisible until about thirty years ago. The author recognized the young woman was on the brink of discovery, and she witnessed   the discovery in process, writing also about the discoverer. Her name was Anna Brito in the book, but it's very likely a fictious name. Anna become a scientist who discovered something that was completely visible but for some reason was not seen by anybody that looked at it!!


She saw it for the first time, and she saw it the first time she looked at what every other person had  seen.  She saw what appearred to be normal, because it had always been that way but for some reason it didn't look normal to her. She saw things and no things in the cell: empty spaces in cells caused her to wonder if some 'thing' should be there. After a long period of very private thinking she came to the conclusion there was supposed to be some 'thing' where 'no' thing was in the cells.


The empty spaces in the cells she looked at were always there, they  were normal apparently but she began to understand why they were empty as she thought about them.


She was in a strange country, England; she had no friends and was herself regarded as 'strange' in the early 60's. Solemnly and isolated she mused, pondered, over the thymus gland cells her new boss had given her to look at, 'just for fun' to see what she could see as her boss put it.


The new employee became angry, silently angry because it seemed she wasn't welcome.  The weeks passed, no person came to ask her how she was doing, and she didn't go tell anyone what she was doing. She got madder but more involved in what she was seeing and thinking about because she was left alone. Her isolation from others caused her to focus on  a 'sudden glimmer of possibility, a pattern that nobody had noticed or that everybody had ignored' or that had been misunderstood. Thanks to her very inexperience and the fact that she had no prior conceptions or expectations about what was normal she persisted'. This is copied somewhat from the books' jacket.


She hung on to the 'thread of an idea' that had flashed into her mind, trying to explain to herself what she saw and why it didn't seem normal to see what she saw.


The problem began when she tried to explain what she saw to everybody else, she never really accomplished this. but the new idea began to seep into the minds of her peers gradually. This was the thing that impressed me about the book, that her peers absorbed the new idea without awareness.  It was nearly impossible to explain it to other people, because  they had already been convinced that what they saw was 'normal'. It was familiar to them, it had been familiar for a long time and they simply could not  erase the idea that was so familiar to them. She was not just seeing something that wasn't there, she was seeing nothing  where it shouldn't be;  some thing should be there!  When she knew the empty spaces in the cell were  not normal, they were  really very abnormal it was  her job to find out how to explain them, and explain why what wasn't there wasn't there, and where the 'some thing' was instead of being where it should be.


The higher education that some cells acquire takes place in a sort of 'college' and the empty spaces were left by cells attending 'college' so to speak, acquiring specificity, the very unique training that is required to protect the human body from invasions.


After writing the poem, which I know isn't really great poetry, but which delighted me especially because it 'just happened' to me, I thought very much about zero. There were many, many new ideas hiding behind places where zero happens every day, and I had not noticed them. From knowing 'no' thing to knowing that I didn't know a thing, and then learning 'a' thing, another and then another thing came into view. The 'state of not knowing a thing' triggers learning new details everyday, in places I had not suspected that I accepted what I saw or what other people said or wrote about without reasoning myself about it. The old adage, Know Thyself has been misunderstood I believe. It doesn't mean 'know your self' so much as it means 'know' yourself, i.e think for yourself, figure it out for yourself as though its never been done before. And 'check it out, check it out, check it out'!


It wasn't really work to write the poem, I have the feeling a certain point in my life had arrived and the poem was already there, waiting to be written as soon as the Toastmaster assigned us the chore of writing our own poem and talking about how we wrote it, making a speech that included our own poem.  I had no idea where to start. Then the thought about Anna and 'zero as an abstraction' came into my mind.  She was 9 years old when it happened, she struggled to think about 'multiplication by zero' as her teacher had told her to do and  "Suddenly the idea of zero as an abstraction came to me, and I was afterwards fascinated by abstracions.".


I just reached for a pencil and out it came.  Many other ideas followed after understanding what I'd written but more than any other idea, I  became fascinated with how automatically it happened, why it seemed to be already composed and waiting for just that moment.


What a surprise was  hiding  behind the sense it was already waiting for just that moment in time...what a truly incredible surprise was waiting for me......




A child learns to add by seeing an object and another just like it, 1 + 1 = 2.  Zero is no problem in addition and subtraction but in multiplying a strange thing happens when zero enters. 1 apple + 1 apple = 2 apples, this is easy to see. But multiply one apple times zero apple seems to leave an apple, how to make sense of  multiplying an apple by 'no' apple, or one thing by no thing?


Getting the object out of the way and working with ideas enters the life of a child when multiplication by zero enters. The form of concepts is invisible, yet at a very young age the child enters the level of abstract thinking about concepts. I was a very poor arithmetic student, although I was always fascinated with numbers and took several courses after graduating school because I wanted to understand mathematics. When my children learned the 'new math' so did I. What a revelation!! 


1 + 1 = 1 = 0 = 4 is as reasonable as 1 + 1 = 2 if you think about it and understand symbolism. And you have to have a definate idea about what '1' is. It can be a great number of things lumped together because they are 'alike', a single unit.


And 1 + 1 can equal 1, very reasonably: 1 horizontal line that doesn't end or begin anyplace + 1 long vertical line that doesn't end or begin anyplace meets in only 1 point unless they lay upon a sphere: + And that 1 point where the vertical and the horizontal meet is '0' on the Cartesian graph. And that one 'zero' creates four quadrants. From the 'flagpole center' of the graph, movement is possible in any direction.


When '1' infinity' could be added to 1 other infinity it began to be possible to enter into a completely new dimension, where 1 was many, as many as infinity.


Complex numbers and infinate series began with a small point in the center of human knowledge, a horizontal number line, then a vertical number line overlaying. This was a great change, a point of origin that took a very long period of time to be made real. And just about 2,000 years ago a certain birth occurred that inserted a zero into time on Earth, which is itself a point in a universe so big.... The two co-ordinates, one in time and the movement of a person or an object on an Earth that is also moving in a double orbit requires calculations so difficult that computers will need to do it but we have been caused to create the computers that can do it!!


All ideas begin with just a seed of information, sitting around ignored until one person becomes flamed with interest and lit up with passion to understand what exactly is being looked at. The invisibility of such numbers as 'irrationals' is just one example of how the obvious is ignored for often centuries and thousands of years.


Soliton waves came into being when one mathematician was riding along the shore; he noticed a wave that moved along solidly, refusing to dissemble when it came into contact with an object. It retained its shape, moving along as a unit and although the rider followed it as far as he could, it kept moving without doing what a wave always does. He told some body about it, that somebody thought about it; one day another body heard about it and he was also a mathematician and he saw........ solitons showed up in certain complex mathematical equations of a very  high degree.


The facts of yesterday influence too many people who do not question, do not evaluate anew and with fresh uncontaminated perspectives. It may be that nature preserves such persons, keeping them in what might appear to be an 'abnormal' state until the time is right, the situation is right and then the person who can see what needs to be seen is called into service. The call is very strange, its very personal and its not a glamorous call, the most ordinary and mundane situations often need to be looked at 'for the first time' by some new eye/ear. If Anna had been afraid to talk about what she saw after the first rebuffs, she would not have prevailed, and its likely some other person would have made the discovery eventually that she made.


The freedom to disagree with what has been established to be 'normal' is the greatest freedom on Earth. If there should ever be a heaven on Earth, it will be the day when every person uses the unique experience that no other person will ever have, their own, in the way Anna Brito did. She isn't famous, she has not been awarded the Nobel Prize but in her own way she made the contribution she was born to make. If it become outdated sometime, as all ideas are supposed to do, that doesn't alter  the important contribution that she made. She left tracks that somebody else could see and follow, taking perhaps new directions but only because she went as far as she did.


Any person can do the same. Every person is a new eye/ear on the events of the Earth. If its possible to have the freedom to explore and learn without unreasonable restraints imposed by ideas of what is 'normal' every person has something special to contribute, it makes sense to believe this.  When the call comes, it comes in just the way it came to Anna Brito, in a sudden flash of understanding, that sets in motion a long line of endeavor. No other person will ever be able to hear that call, except the one to whom its aimed, the pathway is clear to only that one person. When 1 infinity of persons clearly see the pathway, a chain reaction should occur that lights the path permanently..the path will not become obscure again.


It once was pristinely visible and it seems likely it will again be.


We are not alone in the universe. The call comes from another world, right in front of our eyes.