Daughter of Time 

Eternal truth needs a human language that alters with the spirit of the times." C. G. Jung 

There is such a language, a process of communication, an individualizing,  identifying experience. I believe the 'transcendental function' created that experience, its like a fragmented conversation, the pattern is very commonly identified in psychiatric therapy!    

 This event was a 'significant event', one of a few other incidents that had been installed earlier in life  for future use. Carl Jung wrote that the first half of life is preparation for the last half. That implies foresight, doesn't it?

When I was in my late twenties I worked for the Seattle King County Health Department. An elderly woman who had retired  volunteered  to work with us three days a week. She mentioned her favorite book one day, Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey of whom I had not heard. She offered to loan me her copy then brought it in for me to read. I began to read it but could not get interested in it.  I intended to bring it back to her but every day I forgot it. Finally she asked me if I was finished with it and asked me to return it.

I kept forgetting the book, even after laying it out so that I could not fail to see it when I left for work. A period of weeks or months passed, during which she reminded me a couple of times that it was a book she wanted to keep. Yet I could not remember to make sure I had the book with me until finally one day I did pack it with my lunch. I never forgot my lunch.  I felt strangely inert  and was extremely embarrassed about forgetting  to return the book for so long a time.

Then one day in 1987 I was employed by Boeing and was at work when the memory of that event came into my mind, then periodically afterwards flashed into my thought. The title of the book, Daughter of Time  lingered in my mind for a reason I couldn't figure out but the memory of how I'd not been able to remember to return it was also part of the memory.   (The book is about an event from the past  about King Richard is being re-viewed by a detective who is bed ridden.  Basically that event in history was being re-viewed and re-interpreted by the detective. He is confined to a bed so he reads the book and as he reads he formed a new understanding of the historical event.)

By 1987 events in my life had become strangely intertwined with this kind of 'haunting' retrieval and repetition of  memory of an event that had happened years ago. I had not figured out the connection between the content of that retrieved 'memory' and it's relationship to what was happening in my 'now'. But  by 1987 I had barely begun to understand the changes in my mind/body/ physical life and new kinds of thought.  I was curious about what was going on in my mind.  I  was aware by then that when I read certain books I experienced a sense of recognition, of familiarity as though somehow what I read was already  known, vaguely but not exactly explicitly  and specifically. The best way I can describe how I felt was that it seemed the words I read were somehow already there as words in some form in my mind/body because there was a body effect, sometimes it was like a degree of electric shock. 

As a few more years passed (1987-1989)  that memory remained somewhat in the forefront of my attention, I began to to have an impression of myself as being 'spoken to' by the memory. It was saying something to me; the words in the title were being 'said to me' but there was more; I felt some connection to what I was doing.  I had grasped that unexpected attribute in a few other events where it was much more distinct. I knew there  had been a change in my mind.; by 1989 I had become aware of that distinctly:  I had recognized a mechanism that altered the direction of my thought, turning it towards me, as though a person were speaking to me.  It had  also caused me to hear my thought differently. Also in this new 'vein of thought' I realized I  heard  words that ordinarily would not have registered at all as I went about my days. They affected me with extra authority or significance,  in a very new (to me) way.

The words, Daughter of Time meant I was working with some theme outside of normal time, but it meant more than that as I found out later. I had the impression a mental highlighter had 'abstracted words out of embeddedness' in the authors' context, putting them into a new context, and the new context was talking to me through them, as though a person was saying them to me.  The plot of the book began to fold into a context other than the original.

Many somewhat similar events happened before I realized what was causing  the title of the book to have this 'literal sense' of  Daughter of Time' being 'said' to me. A mechanism of mind that 'reflected' that content took a few years to begin to  identify distinctly because its so rapid and it reflects like an echo but with new  context. I had noticed a strange change in what I saw outside of my body during 1986/1987  when a few events happened that caused it to be quite visible and distinct.. Events happened and I gradually realized this was an effect caused by a 'switch' that created 'self reference' for a period of about 9 years. It changes slowly into forming a new opposite to whatever it contained, this is a moebius form, imo.  This 'switch' seems to me to be one that establishes significance, but it's also a  'me/not me' distinction that is not simple in it's effects although it is a very simple switch itself. .

The literal words "Daughter of Time'  meant something specific in relation to a flow of experiences I was having, which at that point I had not consciously related to a broader scope than my own personal life. The abstract sense of the words in the title of the book described  something about me, to me, in relation to 'work' I was doing, for another level of life in Time itself. But the origin of the work was outside of time. That's not a grandiose idea, I knew nothing about philosophy or other 'esoteric' ideas that were written very much about long before I or anyone I  knew was born.

The situation in my family and a number of people we were involved with at that point began to be a real model for a change that was taking place on a broader scale than a personal family change and  the changes two small groups of square dancers were trying to introduce, advanced and challenge levels where all gender roles are removed.  Since 1984 everything has changed, genders are being blended. That's when the first gay club began to join the reluctant  mainstream dancers that were trying  to learn All Position Dancing and Dancing By Definition, not by gender. The two callers that were teaching the  two small groups of  dancers were in a kind of war about how to teach  the  very difficult new level of square dancing. One caller was literally hard to learn from and the other was more gracious, welcoming and encouraging. The dancers felt the tensions to some degree, we were pawns being moved by the situations that prevailed then.  We had no place to dance, that was part of the situation, but other factors made the hidden REAL CHANGE almost impossible. Something old but also new when the past was re-viewed in a new way entered reality. It, the new way to relate to the past was just the barest edge of  possible  to recognize, when real events and what these two groups of people said, did and actually lived through from about 1977 to 1989 entered the stream of Time.

 In 1989 I had the second and third mindquake that proved to me in a way I can't prove or doubt that C. G. Jung was correct when he wrote the first half of life is preparation for the second half.

Those words about 'doing work for another level' and the idea had come from reading P. D. Ouspenskys' books in which he mentioned doing 'work for another level'. I had felt somehow 'forced' to read his books,  particularly his Tertium Organum. But before reading anything he wrote,  I'd had an experience of myself, sitting up suddenly in my bed, looking upwards, and sobbing: "I'll do it. I'll do the work." one day in my bedroom. That happened before I read about 'work done for another level' in one of Ouspensky's books, but  I read the words in his book rather soon; the memory of myself alone in my room, suddenly blurting out something like "I'll do the work." was retrieved when I read them in the book. .

 There were many reasons why I felt like a Daughter of  Time, inserted into Time at birth in 1932 to accomplish a definite task, one that had been revealed quite gradually between 1984 and 1989. By then I understood to some degree how my mind was at work, creating from my own memories, a kind of conversation aimed directly at me based on what had been told to me in the 1984 event.

 I had become aware of a 'switch' in the mind, that caused thought to be 'repeated back' to me, as a person would speak to me. The 'switch' became quite evident, slowly, over a period of time between 1984 and 1987.

THIS WAS NOT EASY TO NOTICE, THEN DEFINE, nor to relate the regenerated memories to what was actually right in front of my eyes because so many changes had occurred in me. When I recognized for the first time without doubt, that the 'thing itself' was explaining it's self to me and creating a kind of conversation aimed at me through these 'abstracted memories from my past', when they related to what was happening now in my life,  I was almost literally 'floored'. That is, it felt like the floor had become Jello, wobbly and unstable. I felt literally unbalanced.

The same flow of events that created information that explained what was happening at the moment often enough to be very astonishing, I realized was describing back to  me what I was physically doing.

A few years ago I chanced to come across the book Daughter Of Time on audio tape and listened to it. The story is a  'detective story' in which a hundreds of years old crime was 're-viewed' and  the crime was completely restructured in the light of a new viewpoint on that crime.

This is a particular kind of 'coincidence', in which something in my past was being also completely restructured, in the light of a new viewpoint. The plot of the book had become more than significant at that point in Time. In my own life, a Rare Event, one that could only happen once had happened, one that had to be witnessed by a mind without preconceived understandings and without prior knowledge, so that it could make distinct what had been at work for centuries and thousands of year, in the stream of history that is Time to us.

What is ever- present becomes invisible. It is likely that any individual could be a 'son' or a 'daughter' of Time in life, having to become aware of what I named the Larger Domain's particular interface with the specifics in any  individual life.

I had  by then realized that an enormous amount of information about my life had erupted into my mind, as thought, without imagery of any kind in the 10 days the Los Angeles Olympics had been played in 1984. I know this reads as very strange, that something could happen in my own mind, that  I had not been able to 'relate' to when it actually had happened. That event had to be discovered for reasons I couldn't have suspected, I didn't know enough. It had occurred  in a memory not connected to 'now', the moments during which it emerged. But it was visible to  me, in some way even then. And now some part of my mind and that part  that saw the 1984 event when it happened was at work , methodically retrieving memories from my past that had some connection to the content of the package. When I read Carl Sagan's book, Contact which is about the first contact with extra terrestrials, many new ideas entered my mind and that part that was conscious in 1984 went to work with what I had begun to read, non-fictional books. I read few non-fictional books until I was in my fifties. I'm in my mid eighties today  August 9, 2017 making changes in this document.