What is paranoia? What is its relationship to 'individuation' and 'regeneration'? It is a phase of a mental continuum but it can be as visible as any object in the exterior world. There are mechanisms of mind, one in particular that creates the material for  'self observation'. It does change at certain points, of about 9 years duration, so that the material relating to  'self observation'  and self revelation can seem to be outside of the body.  This mechanism of  mind is mythologized in the two versions of Narcissus.    The poor man looks at his own image but does not recognize it. A lonely female, Echo,  mourns the loss of male companionship as she     repeats the last words Narcissus says to his image.

The idea that a symbolic representation can be valid, rational and even logically explained does not exist in the processes of 'scientific validation' has to become admitted to the reality on this planet. The essay of William A. Cone's Paranoia and the  Paranormal is about the experience of 'paranoia' from the professional understanding, but ironically it depicts the actual process itself of how paranoia is experienced. He is not informed from a Jungian understanding but he has described the process perfectly, as to how it actually works. The irony of this essay is that it accurately describes the process of 'individuation' which begins with

 What is a continuum in my context? It's a moebius band with a 180 degree twist in it, the result of which is a loop from which all points are accessible. The top can become the bottom, the back can become the front, the opposites can be reversed in all aspects. The process of individuation/regeneration occurs on this continuum, passing through phases, points of change that can be directly experienced if there is a connected memory, or the beginning of a connected memory.

What is the experience of an individual that has become engaged by the processes and the pattern of 're-generation' where the 'content' of perception/understanding  is viewed 'in reverse', with 'hindsight', from which a 'schizoid' experience of the world is configured.. What is the experience that has been labeled 'paranoia'? Does it have a relationship to 'metanoia'?

Yes. The process of 'regeneration' (Emanuel Swedenborg) as well as the definition of the word 'regeneration' are necessary to be united to understand what 'paranoia' is as an experience that alters perception.

Paranoia is a word that people currently use very frequently but in the early 1980's it was not a household word.