In this link I've scanned  a copy of a printout I purchased May 18, 1989 in Chicago at the Museum of Science and Industry.

When I read it, I became aware that in 1932 the Nobel Prizes were awarded for discoveries relating to quantum physics.

But I was surprised to read that the discovery of functions of neurons in the brain were also awarded Nobel Prizes. The 'brain' and

quantum physics were linked in my mind by then, because I'd recently I'd read The Double Helix by John Gribbon. In that book

 I'd read about the discovery of the cell, which corresponded in the

scientific mind with discovery of the atom. The book also contained information that a 'cell lives a double life'

as a single unit but also as the member of a larger unit... among other interesting information I had not known.

 This is a simplistic way to try to describe how many ideas emerged when I read the      

printout, Seeing the printout generated quite a lot of 'new thought', obviously drawn from books I'd recently read, almost

under a compulsion to read them, because I didn't find such books interesting at that point.

 It occurred to me that exactly 9 years had passed since Mt. St. Helens

 Eruption. I also noticed that I had been alive 20, 956 days since my birth, 1-2-32 and

it had not occurred to me to count the days I'd been alive. Keeping account of days, was a new idea to me!

 An old habit of  mine came out of hiding and I read the numbers 20, 956 so that I saw only the numbers 2,5,6.

That habit omits  0 and 9's because they do not change anything when the numbers are added across:

 2+0+9+5+6+ = 22 = 4.   But 2 + 5 + 6 = 13 = 4 also. This is a very old form of addition but I'd became aware

of it when I was very young, due to a thought that occurred into my mind when I had written the multiplication tables,

trying to memorize them. The thought was: "add the double numbers in the product across".

 10 = 1; 11 = 2, 12 = 3, etc.  I discovered a second layer of repetitive patterns in each 'times' table

 which I thought was quite nice. More about this later.