"Abstracting Order from Chaos"

This image was named The Message when I found it, although I don't remember exactly where I found it.

If you look at the image, there are two 'worlds', and a 'red' beam extends from one to the other. It's a graphic that represents an idea I had been observing as it developed ever since 1984, in a certain 'band of thought' that I believe was far below any location I could relate immediately to its contents. The distinct depth of mind from which that 'band of thought' and it's contents drifted towards a place where I could write some of it down, then speak about it was made evident over a period of 5 years after 1984. An enormously powerful 'drive' motivated me to try to 'describe what you see', name it, evaluate it, and I believe some toddlers experience basically the same 'drive'. The 'stages' and changes in perception  involved  in trying to 'name what you see', 'describe what you see' ; 'evaluate what you see' were periods of time that varied greatly. Before 1984 I had lived through a 'phase' of more than 27 years, but in a most unexpected relationship with the 'source' of the idea itself.

. The two 'globes'  are connected by a 'red ray beaming from one to the other. Above the red ray is unorganized 'Chaos' as William Blake described 'chaos'.  (I think of the red band as a 'heated band of experience, not comfortable and not 'normal'.)  Below the band are ordered globules, packages you might say. This image can be interpreted in terms of a very long period of experiencing a connection with another 'world',  through the mechanism of apparent 'coincidences'.  I became aware of the way this 'other world' interfaces with those on our planet by learning to recognize 'bits of information' coming in various ways, all of which involved perfect timing, between 'thought' and events in the exterior world. The 'bundles' of seemingly unrelated events grew slowly and from an accumulation of them I began to understand the idea that was being brought forth.

 I think of it as 'extra terrestrial' intelligence, because it has made me aware in a distinct way, that on this Earth, what I do, what I have at some time done, and even my future are  'known' and I have been named, identified and 'talked to' by IT. I am not the first to become aware of this 'impersonal IT', neither he, nor she in gender, but I believe I may be the first female to become aware of a chemistry, I can't think of another word to use, between 'man and IT', that can be transferred, unwittingly it might seem, to an other real person. The condition is actually commonly experienced, it is somehow not drawn into focus for reasons I hope are not permanent.

 The colors in the graphic are identical to another graphic, completely unrelated so it that was made on my name: pimoebius. So it  made an immediate impression on me when I chanced to see it on the Internet.

Overall the idea was about a Message  that was embedded in an enormous package of 'suddenly there in my mind'' information about my life that I experienced in the ten days between July 31 and August 11, 1984. The next 5 years were years during which many people in my life at that point in Time, and what we were physically doing: (trying to learn advanced and challenge level squaredancing'. That required that males and females learn the roles and positions of their opposite gender, which of course made 'dancing' less easy, much more difficult. I became aware at one point in time, that I had never learned to 'visualize' anything in my head, so I could not dance with 'phantoms', i.e imaginary people who can be    'added' to the 8 physical people in the set. It is necessary to track them as well as one's own position, and in that setting, I became aware of an almost unexplainable, apparent  participation by everyone involved in what was going on in my thinking!)

However in 1984 I didn't know anything about artistic symbolism or representations, not a whit. ! Within 5 years after 1984 however, I had learned to 'read' and interpret images such as this one.  A process of thought and a process of abstraction had made me realize that within my mind, I was being 'shown' how to relate in an unsuspected form, to what was going on in my mind and what was outside of my body, and attention. To explain exactly what I mean by 'abstraction' is difficult. In reading a book, certain content, a sentence, a page, a few words, or at times the entire book would have an effect on my body, and I felt confused for several years by this effect. When a sentence, a paragraph or a few words affected me, in the same way an entire book had done, it was more distinct, this 'effect', as an 'abstraction', lifted out and highlighted as though by a marker. It was like watching (without awareness) the abstraction of words, wherever I met them, into a way to understand the idea, which was itself an abstraction from two books I'd read. Those two books had a distinct history in my past, I had been affected by them both in a different way, over a period of decades.

There was a period of a few years where every moment 'felt' the same to me, confusing because I could not understand why I felt, literally, 'woozy', dizzy. After those few years a body of events had built up enough connected information

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