This event which seems to me to be quite amazing happened in 2000 when I went back to Ladoga for my 50th alumni banquet. I graduated mid century, in 1950. These details are not completely insignificant, by the way, that I was born in 1932, graduated in 1950 and witnessed the strange doings that marked the end of the millennium.

I went to the hill, (this link can be read later) as I have done every time I've gone back home since 1989.

My first stop was on the side of the road near the hill. The fence had been removed so I decided to walk to the top which no longer seemed to be the high hill that I remembered. It was a mound, certainly not a high hill. I remembered a very high hill.

Somewhat humorously I wondered how much erosion had changed the contours or if I'd simply experienced being 'in a high place' mentally that day when I was 13 and somehow the physical location had only seemed' to be a high place.

Could I have 'observed' my being in a 'high place' in my mental state rather than the hill? (Believe me, that can happen!) As I paused to consider how the hill seemed to have shrunk over the years, a thought occurred into my mind:

"The hills of Indiana are not noted for their majesty."  The  quiet words of thought caused me to smile to myself because of the stilted way the sentence was formed. I don't talk like that do I?  I hesitated because this thought seemed quite odd and although I still don't know what produces these 'inserted comments', I notice them now.

Anyway I spent a few moments thinking about "The hills of Indiana are not noted for their majesty." then I opened the car door to get out. But suddenly I felt like my car was too near traffic, so I decided to move to the other side of the road. I did a U-turn, parked then turned off the motor. As I opened the door I noticed that my car was too near a road sign and might obscure it. So I started the car and pulled ahead another 15 or so feet.

Opening the car door, putting my foot out but not yet touching the ground I noticed a glimmer of gold just under my foot. I leaned down intending to see what it was but I was stopped by a distinct 'awareness' that I have to describe as though it was a thought process. This 'awareness' remarked to me this was a very silly thing for an aging female to do. "Are you really going to spend time picking up a candy bar wrapper, or a beer bottle cap, or someone's junk?"

There was a distinct effort made by this 'thought entity', to make me feel foolish, stupid and absurd to even be curious about what it was that was 'glittery' beneath my feet.

It seemed that a few minutes passed while this went on. I was baffled and indecision gripped me. "Shall I check it out." and be a fool, feel really stupid or "Shall I not even check it out?'.

I cannot describe how a sense of being ashamed for wanting to know what that glimmer of apparent gold was, of how a sense of a 'risk'  held me poised and motionless.

Then suddenly I put my foot back into the car and leaned down to probe in the grass. My fingers touched something hard which I had to probe very little to extract. It was a gold metal pocket watch. It wasn't dirty so it must have fallen from someone's pocket recently.

The watch was manufactured, as best I could make out from the engraved name by The Majestic Watch Co. Having just spent some minutes over a thought: "The hills of Indiana are not noted for their majesty." it occurred into my mind that the word 'majesty' was similar to 'majestic'. It was a word that still lingered in my mind and it was almost repeated in the manufacturer's name. How odd!

I couldn't open the watch but later someone else opened it. The name on the face was Majesti. It was the Majesti Watch Company.

The thought: "The hills of Indiana are not noted for their majesty". has a word in it, 'majesty' that was in a real way repeated back, the word was said to me,  describing to me a detail that was in front of me in this 'objective event'.

That was quite odd, but consider what I went through to get to just that spot on the planet: I had changed my landing spot three times, and put my foot just above this object.

Extraordinarily fine 'global satellite positioning'? If that is not precision of a sort that cannot be explained by sheer coincidence or randomness, what is it?

When I got home I walked through the kitchen,  noticing on the window sill a watch fob I'd had for years. I'd owned it for years.  I had thought it rather nice although I don't carry a pocket watch.  I'd put it there on the window sill a few weeks prior to my trip, for some reason....... The fob and the watch are now linked.

The Majesti Watch